Farooque Syed


How to Help Children Avoid Gangs,
Drugs & Violence


Farooque Syed

His name is Farooque. He is an Indo Canadian who migrated from Pakistan in the early 70’s at the age of 2. He grew up in South Vancouver and later East Van and was raised in a very loving and safe family and community. Being the youngest of 5 children, he was always protected and looked after by his siblings and very loving and caring parents. He was a shy, yet playful and happy child, who was caring, kind, considerate, very helpful, respectful of his elders and everyone he met. He grew up with, went to school with and hung out with some of the nicest people you could meet, who later became some of the most notorious gangsters in Canadian history.

Stolen Dreams

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Stolen Dreams

Where is my child getting money and new clothing, jewelry, and items from? How do I know if my child is involved in drugs, the drug trade, gangs? Ask yourself… Could my child be the next overdose, gang violence and/or shooting victim? Could my child end up doing time in a Federal Penitentiary?

This book helps you find out where and how your child is getting their new clothing and jewelry items. Living a champagne lifestyle on a coca cola budget? Uh uh, no way! Know the telltale signs of drug use and poor choice of friends & hang outs. Let’s keep our children alive and out of prison, before hearing about it on the 11 pm news! Grab your copy now!

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From the heart from inside the walls, to shake the foundation of a lonely soul, and save a dream, and hopefully a life, those who read your story should thank you bro!

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