Farooque Syed

His name is Farooque Syed; he is an Indo-Canadian who migrated from Pakistan in the early 70s and grew up in South Vancouver BC. He is the youngest of 5 siblings and was raised in a loving and safe family. Farooque was a shy, playful, happy, and a kind child who was considerate and respectful of his elders. He grew up and hung out with some of the nicest children anyone could ever meet; who later grew up and became one of the most notorious gangsters in Canadian history. Farooque, now an Author, talks about his story and journey from childhood to gang life, to prison and to the present day. He is now focused on helping parents, teachers, guardians, and kids with gang prevention, drugs, bullying, and violence. His book Stolen Dreams talks about the why, when, how and where of turning life from a gangster to a kind, loving and respectful being.

If you can’t sleep at night, this book might just be the solution you have been looking for!

Farooque Syed

Stolen Dreams

How to Help Children Avoid Gangs, Drugs & Violence

Where is your child tonight? At the library? Playing the latest video games at a friend’s house? Or being initiated and manipulated into drug dealing, robbery, violence, and murder in exchange for an extravagant lifestyle of flashy cars, the latest fashion and wads of

cash by organized crime and street gangs. Recognize the signs and behavior pattern changes before it’s too late. Learn from someone who’s been there and seen and experienced the pain first hand. From fake friendships to high rollers to gangsters and having many friends and acquaintances riddled with bullets and die so young. Let’s stop it before it even begins and save our children from getting involved in a lifestyle that ultimately ends in destruction.

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